If you have small children then you know it is very useful and very healthy to have some hooded towels around. Small children get sick easily, especially when you get them out of the bath and transport them to their room, where it is a difference in temperature, so you must make sure the baby’ s head is covered in order to protect it. I find these special towel simply great because they are simple and effective and the kids are not annoyed by the hood at the end of the towel. Quite the opposite I might say, especially the hood has a funny drawing or if you show themselves in the mirror.

 3 Pack of Hooded Towels from Kate Quinn

Any way, the 3-Pack of Hooded Towels from Kate Quinn is even more interesting as offer, since you can buy more items for less money and also the towels are totally organic, meaning they are made of organic cotton which was grown without using chemical fertilizers. The whole set is now available in many colours for $100.

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