This odd-looking house was designed and built by Ensamble Studio in collaboration with Elena Pérez, Débora Mesa, Jorge Consuegra, Marina Otero and Ricardo Sanz and technical architect Javier Cuesta. It was built in the period between 2005 and 2008 and it’s located in Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain. It occupied a surface of 400 sq m.

Hemeroscopium House 400 sq m House in Madrid

You might wonder why the odd name. Hemeroscopium in Greek symbolized the place where the sun sets and it’s the concept that inspired this project. As you’ve probably noticed, the house has an unusual design that tends to provoke gravity. The unusual and challenging structure forms a light, transparent space filled with life. Even though it seems simple, the structure of this house is actually very complex and complicated.

Hemeroscopium House1 400 sq m House in Madrid

Hemeroscopium House2 400 sq m House in Madrid

It might come as a surprise, but it took the team a year to engineer this structure and only seven days to build it. That’s because of the prefabricated elements and the perfect coordination. The equilibrated structure that you see now is kept in place with the help of a twenty ton granite stone, expression of the force of gravity and a physical counterweight to the whole structure that the team calls “G point”. This is definitely an impressive house and this is not applicable only to the exterior.

Hemeroscopium House3 400 sq m House in Madrid

Hemeroscopium House4 400 sq m House in Madrid

Hemeroscopium House5 400 sq m House in Madrid

Hemeroscopium House6 400 sq m House in Madrid

The interior is as amazing and surprising as the exterior. Even though I’m very impressed by this structure, I have to say that it doesn’t really resemble a home when you look inside. It’s not warm and inviting, like a home should be.found on archdaily

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