This chic house that you see here seems pretty modern and you would be surprised to find out that it actually dates back to 1902. It’s a 210 sq m home and it’s located in Zeeland. It’s actually not just a home but a villa. You’ll probably notice that the interior design reminds a lot of the Scandinavian style.

Zealand Villa A Chic House with a Touch of Scandinavia

The interior is clean and simple, the colors and bright and there’s a very warm feeling in there. The walls and ceilings are completely white throughout the whole house and so is the floor in most of the rooms. An exception in this sense would be the kitchen for example that has brown tiles in different tones.

Zealand Villa1 A Chic House with a Touch of Scandinavia

Zealand Villa2 A Chic House with a Touch of Scandinavia

The living/dining room is rather simple, with a table o one side surrounded by yellow chairs and a fireplace nearby. As for the decorations, some of them are animal trophies that the owner brought back from his hunting trips. The deer head that hangs above the cabinet in the living room is quite impressive and a little intimidating as it’s facing the dining room table. I wouldn’t eat deer in there if I were the owner. The rest of the décor is simple and the furniture is mostly neutral. The decorations bring some color but the white is still the dominating color tone.found on femina

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