Duvet Covers – A duvet, known in many countries as a quilt, is a thin yielding blanket with a soft filling inside. It’s been there from bygone days serving the purpose of either a bed softener or a blanket in many parts of the world. Often there is confusion over the word ‘duvet’ because in the United States Duvet is referred to as the quilt cover as opposed to the quilt itself. Duvet-covers are used just like a pillow cover, to protect the duvet and keep it clean.

What are Duvet-covers? A Duvet cover is an important part of a bedding arrangement which protects the duvet from dirt, fading and wear and tear. It is easy to remove and to put on which also saves the cost of buying different duvets every time you want to change the design or the colour of your duvet. There is an array of different types of duvet covers to savour, some duvet covers even come with special double reversible designs which could change the colour or look just by turning the cover inside out.

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Giving an instant lift to your room. A Duvet-cover comes is all sizes, colours and designs. Good quality duvets come with a high price, and it is not feasible to buy one in every colour. Duvet-covers give that instant lift to your room by just changing the duvet-covers to suit your tastes. You can find duvet covers in attractive and appealing designs which you could use for every occasion. A duvet-cover set usually comprises of a duvet cover and also pillow covers to match the duvet.

Choosing the Duvet-cover according to need. There are many types of duvet-covers in the market for different purposes and for every occasion. The cost varies with the fabric used as well as the designs. For example, in winters, a duvet cover made of silk, flannel or velvet would keep you warm whereas cotton or a lighter material duvet cover would be ideal for summers.

Special duvet covers to battle the dust-mites. Asthma sufferers or allergy prone sufferers have a hard time keeping the dust-mites in check. Dust-mites are microscopic arachnids which thrive on dust especially in the down fillings of pillows and quilts. They comprise of almost 80% of the dust around the house!

Special Allergen blocking pillow covers and duvet-covers give the allergy sufferers a nightmare-free sleep due to its special tight weave of the fabric. Even after frequent washing the fabric remains soft and snug trapping the allergens and preventing breakouts.

If you are asthmatic or allergy-prone another option you could go for is silk duvet covers. Silk is a natural fibre and soothes the user into a blissful sleep. Though it could cost a little more than the regular cover, it gives an incomparable lavish look to your duvet. It is a good investment considering the anti-allergen effect it gives while also serving all seasons by staying warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

While shopping for Duvet-covers. When you decide to go shopping to duve-covers, it is best that you are aware of your duvet size and your bed size. Duvet-covers are designed to fit the exact duvets, it helps in easy handling of your Duvet Covers.

This article is all about An Insight to the Indispensable Duvet Covers