Carpet Cleaners – There are a lot of ways to clean a carpet, but how do you choose the best method to use? Historically there were several options available such as hiring a professional cleaning service, renting a carpet cleaners and doing yourself, or actually buying your own carpet cleaning machine. A relatively new method that is now on the market is dry carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning is exactly what it says. There may be no liquids used at all, which includes water. This cuts out the risks of using wet-clean methods and shortens the drying time after having the carpet cleaners. It’s no wonder that people are choosing this dry method over the messy wet ones. It works especially well when cleaning delicate or expensive rugs and carpets, too.

Carpet Cleaners

What Makes it so Effective?

In order to dry-clean your carpets, a professional cleaning service uses a powder-based cleaner. They sprinkle the cleaner onto the carpet and leave it there for a certain period of time. There are additional cleaners that can be sprayed onto the carpets. You need to spread them all over the carpet with a brush before allowing them to set. Dry carpet cleaners are designed to attract dirt and pull it from within the carpet fibers. Once it has been pulled to the surface of the carpet, it can be vacuumed away.

Before having any type of dry carpet cleaners used on your carpet, you must vacuum the carpet well to remove all surface dirt. Although it’s wise to vacuum prior to any carpet cleaning effort, it’s especially crucial when having carpets dry cleaned. During the dry cleaning process, any surface dirt will be broken down and could be pushed farther down into the carpet. You also need to make sure your carpet is completely dry before adding dry cleaning agents. In addition, if you spot clean stains prior to having the carpet dry cleaned, the finished results will turn out better.

When you purchase new carpeting, it’s a good idea to look over the manufacturer’s directions to make sure you know what you’re getting and the methods you will be able to use to clean it. Keep a copy of the instructions for the carpet you end up purchasing so that you can reread them prior to having professionals in to clean. It’s also a good idea to test a small, hidden piece of your carpet to see if the cleaner causes any fading.

Cleaning stains from your carpets can be hard work, especially with stains that resist all the tried and true products you’ve always used. When a tough stain happens, it’s normal to want to try every cleaner you own on the stain; however, resist the urge. Some of those cleaners could very well damage the carpet permanently. Even cleaners made especially for carpets can cause problems if it isn’t a cleaner designed for your type of carpet.

The overall upkeep of your carpets isn’t really all that hard. Dirt will disappear with vacuuming, and simple stains can be taken care of with soap-based cleaners. It’s only when you have to tackle really tough stains, like ink, ketchup, or pet stains, that you will need to have professional help.

Getting Professional Help

Effective cleaning methods in the past included breaking stains down with hot water or steam and then sucking the particles back out with the excess liquid. With these methods, though, the homeowner was left to deal with wet carpets for several days. This meant not being able to walk on carpets and being at risk for mildew, especially if it wasn’t cool in your house. Even with these drawbacks, these have been the carpet cleaning methods of choice for many years.

Dry chemical carpet cleaners are also relatively new to the carpet cleaning scene. These cleaners contain enzymes that actually break down the dirt particles in your carpets which makes it easier to vacuum them up. This method definitely needs to be used only by professionals. If you try to use the chemicals yourself, you might end up ruining your carpet.

Don’t get uptight about stains on your carpet. There are few stains that can’t be removed by using the right carpet cleaners method. An important tip in taking care of your carpets is that if something gets spilled on them, use towels or paper towels to blot the liquid out of the carpet. Never rub a carpet stain. After thoroughly blotting out all excess liquid, use a hair dryer to dry the area before moisture can reach the carpet pad.

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