Basement Bathroom DesignsBasement Bathroom Designs – The basement bathroom is the think tank of any home but yet it suffers from the artistic appeal that other rooms are blessed with. The bathroom is the final frontier that needs that personal touch and love. This room is neglected and it takes a major beating from daily wear, it is time to show it a bit of affection with an overhaul and personality. There are tons of designs and styles that will make this room special to all users. Good basement bathroom designs remodeling takes planning and a clear direction on the final look before the contractor tears out the flooring and the other ancient oddities within the “throne room.”

Redesigning the basement bathroom designs can take some time to plan but it does not have to follow the layout of the house, it can have its own “period” feeling. This room should be friendly and calming, especially after the long haul at the office or in the field. The basement bathroom designs is like a poem, it can be left open for different interpretations by the visitors. Some of the styles include Artistic, Romantic, Cutting edge, glass and tons more. The basement bathroom designs can be bold or calming but it depends on the creative direction. Rather it will follow the rest of the house or be a stand-alone commando against the conformist union.

The artistic style bred new ground in the late 50’s but didn’t take a swim until the mid 70’s. The basement bathroom designs style features gentle art forms that include a simple design and a lenient color scheme. This scheme takes on a life on its own with wood, tiles and various other natural stones. The flexibility of this form is based on the limitations of the creative mind. This style would incorporate the use of any kind of glass nicely, especially with an enclosed shower. The Romantic aspect features a bold step in flattery and “love tones,” feels more a richer Victorian style with vivid bright colors. The layout features fluffy curtains, bold tiles or a deep wood that is a little surreal. The environment is simple but dressed up for the “prom.”

Take a dive into the bold with a cutting-edge design, the modern focus is based on Asian or European influences. The design is razor sharp and bold with a clever use of ceramics and metal for the general material. The general idea is to have free standing sinks and a small bathtub but can be built around specific needs. A glass style bathroom features the finest craftsmanship in glasswork, there are many different versions to introduce glass in the bathroom. A common method is to make the basement bathroom designs appear brighter or bigger. The glass can be stained, transparent, translucent or decorative in different areas around the bath or shower. The glass can be used to set off or reflect soft colors of light or blown with fiber optic wiring that emits a colorful glow. These can be put on the walls to add some mood to the bathroom.

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