Carpet Cleaners – Carpets add a wonderful look to a home. It not only makes the place look neat and attractive, but also helps from the floor being stained and helps in maintaining the home better. There are many ways to keep the carpet clean. This can be either done by hand, or by vacuum cleaners. They can, however, be cleaned thoroughly with the help of carpet cleaners. They are more non – messy and also clean the carpet very well.

There are various types of carpet cleaners in the market now. A few of them not only clean the carpets but also keep the upholstery, wall hangings and other articles clean and neat.

One of the types of carpet cleaners is the Dry Cleaning method. In this water and chemicals are used to clean the carpet. Then a bonnet or a soft cloth is attached to the machine and then run over the carpet. The machine sucks up all the dirt, water and the chemicals as it goes through the carpet. This is useful for those who regularly clean the carpet and is not very effective for deep cleansing the carpet.

Carpet Cleaners

Another type of cleaner is the Dry Foam method, wherein a special type of shampoo is poured over the carpet and after it solidifies, the machine is run above the carpet, to suck off the dirt from it. This is useful when the carpet has been lightly as the shampoo softens the soil on the carpet and makes it easy to be sucked.

The third type of Carpet Cleaners is the dry compound method which is used to treat heavily soiled carpets. First the carpet is treated with water. Then a special kind of compound is put onto the carpet and cleaned by a brush. This uproots the dirt from the carpet and it is later vacuumed off. This is the most effective in cleaning carpets.

The fourth type is the hot water extraction or deep cleansing type. Here, the machines force hot water and sometimes certain chemicals into the carpets and once the dirt is loosened, the vacuum action of the machine sucks up the dirt. The cleansed water is collected in a tank which is in the machine and this happens on a continuous basis until all the dirt is cleaned. This also cleans bacteria as hot water and chemicals are being acted upon the carpet.

It is better to own a carpet cleaners than renting one, in case you use it more. If a larger part of the total area is covered by carpets, then it is cost efficient to own a machine. But if cleaning the carpets are only a once in a while affair and only a little area is carpeted, then a machine can either be rented or the whole unit can be given out for cleaning.

This article is all about Basic Types of Carpet Cleaners