Duvet Cover – Anyone who has a duvet or a quality comforter that they’d like to keep in good condition should think about getting a good duvet cover or comforter cover. These are just simple sewn pieces of fabric, ordinarily cotton, that you put your bedding into. They keep it clean from oil, dirt, and dust, and are a lot easier to launder than the duvet cover or comforter. Plus, regularly cleaning bedding that has a feather stuffing, or even a cotton or foam fill one, can damage that bedding and shorten its life. That makes protecting your duvet or comforter from dirt and odors the best way to keep it in good condition.

Another thing you’ll enjoy about using a full duvet cover is the ease of changing your bedroom’s look. Just pop your comforter or duvet into a new cover, add some new pillow shams, and your bed will look like you got a different bedding set without spending the money. Shams and duvet covers often come in sets, making it easy to buy matching ones. If you’re thinking of going shopping for double duvet covers, here’s a little bit about what you should look for.

duvet coverWhen you go to the store, you’ll probably find that the available double duvet covers vary pretty widely in their prices. That’s because there are several factors that can affect the price. The quality of the stitching, the fabric quality, and the brand name are a few, as well as whether the duvet or comforter cover is part of a set. Of course, brand name isn’t always and indicator of quality, so look over big name duvet covers just as carefully as you would a generic one.

You should see solid stitching, without too many loose threads. Fabrics should be soft and smooth, with too many slubs, and made primarily of natural fibers. That’s because a full duvet cover with a lot of synthetic fibers in it will restrict the duvet’s ability to breathe, trapping moisture. You may also want to look for fabrics with a higher thread count, since they’ll be a lot softer. While this isn’t as much of a consideration when using sheets with your duvet, those who use their duvets in the traditional manner will want a soft cover against their skin.

Remember that even though a full size bed is one of the most common types, shopping for double duvet covers can still be a little difficult. That’s because, even for the same size mattresses, duvets can be very different in size – up to a foot either way. Measure your duvet cover before you go shopping, and choose a full duvet cover that has the appropriate dimensions. Buying one that’s merely marked for double or full size beds could end up being a disappointment. If you have a very fluffy duvet, be certain to add in a little for the extra height. Otherwise, you might end up squishing the soft down inside, which destroys its insulative value.

This article is all about Buying a Full Duvet Cover