Wooden Suspended Washbasin unit by GSG Ceramic Design

Even though it doesn’t seem so, the bathroom is actually a very important room of the house. It’s just not in the center of attention like the living room for example. If you’re currently looking for idea of how to decorate your bathroom, we’ve came across a very lovely piece of furniture.It’s a washbasin and

2 Door Kiyoshi Vanity

I ran into this 2 Door Kiyoshi Vanity when I was visiting an interesting web site that deals mainly with tea. I mean original Chinese tea. But this web site also offers some interesting furniture pieces for sale and one of them was this vanity. It is pretty interesting and looks great, showing its Asian

Bathroom Sets to Bring Your Signature to the bathroom Style and Decoration

Designing your home interior is one of the exciting moments where you can play with your creativity to produce a signature theme of your home decoration. You may use an interior designer service, however, the very best is that you collaborate both of your ideas so that you can have a signature of yours in

Red and White Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are not the most important rooms in the house, but it is very important to have a nice bathroom, so as to feel fine when you are there. But, even if you are not home too long and do not spend too much time in the bathroom, you certainly want a nice and modern

Placing the Bathroom Accessories Sets in Relatively Small bathroom

Bathroom is one of the parts of the house that determine the convenience of the people to live within. It is one of the places where each of the family members can take time for privacy for themselves. Besides its hygiene, the style of the bathroom endures its style and convenience. Many people even dare

Urban Beat Shower Curtain

Tastes are very different and so are people. Some people prefer their home design to be futuristic or minimalist and modern or even classic and welcoming. And once you choose one of these styles, you must also be careful to match the smaller items, too. The shower curtain for example is pretty important for the

Armonya Bathtub with Shower, Perfect for Small Spaces

Today’s inspired work is an incredible bath combined with shower and curved glass panel from ARMONYA. Perfect for small spaces this unique bathroom furniture is great for any type of house. It is wonderful due to its two option feature.This lovely piece has a clean, elegant design, a unique curved panel and total transparency of

5 bathroom décor ideas

The bathroom sometimes tends to be a little neglected when decorating an apartment or house. It’s as important as any other room of the house so you should treat it correspondently. Here are some ideas that could help.1. The baroque bathroomA bathroom decorated in a baroque style is definitely the most spectacular. The drama can

How to Install Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

One of the most essential parts of any home is bathroom lighting. For those who renovate their house or remove into a new house then it is essential that they ensure to have a scheme of great fixture and good lighting set up in their bathroom. As we know good bathroom lighting fixtures can certainly

Another Refreshing Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea

Imagine yourself after a long hardworking day, tired and full of dust. It is not a beautiful scenario if you imagine all these things but it will make appreciate more a clean and refreshing space which can make transform you into a new person.One of these places can also be another refreshing Italian Bathroom Collection
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