Interior Decor

Room Divider

Room Divider – You have a room in your home that is really large, or you’ve rented a large venue for a function. Your problem is that you need to have these big rooms divided for varied uses. There are many different types of room divider available. Whether it is for decorative reasons in your

Decorating with Room Divider

Room divider can be a form of decoration, a functional way to separate spaces, or both. There are different forms of room divider that can be used, depending on the need. For instance, an individual wanting to partially separate a room may use a permanent or half width room divider, decorated with shelves on one

Fireplace Mantels and Buying Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of fireplace mantels and fireplace mantel ideas. A mantel shelf is more than just a piece of wood mounted above your hearth. It’s the perfect accent you place on your home. The mantel is where you place your most prized possessions, pictures of loved ones, and even where you hang
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