Interior Decor

The junior templeton chair

This particular chair design is not just a typical piece of furniture. It has a design that combines modern shapes and colors with vintage detailing and rustic cozyness. The junior templeton chair is a chic piece that would beautifully complement a variety of different interior design. It can be used in the living room as

Functional Ballard campaign chair

In case you’re not familiar with the idea of campaign furniture, here’s what you should know about it. It appeared during the time of Julius Caesar and it was a type of furniture that could be easily broken down into pieces and transported on military campaigns. This way it was easier to carry and a

Delicate Stiletto Chair by Magdalena Ekström

Women, the delicate expression of human kind become most of the times muses for the many of the artists. They impress through their beauty, mystery, intelligence or a little bit from all these features. Take for example Mona Lisa, Venus, Cleopatra or Helen. These classic examples demonstrate how important became women even from ancient times

Harmonious home in Marbella

The first thing that anyone would notice when visiting this house is the harmony and serenity of the interior décor. Everything is pastel and the décor is very relaxing. You’ll notice the almost perfect symmetry throughout the entire house. The walls are in general white and the furniture was purchased in London.In one of the

Three Different Functions in one Sofa by Adele Cassina

When designing the interior of your home you have to take into consideration a lot of things. One of these things is style. Everyone loves unique and interesting furniture. But how about having both style and extra sleeping space? The Didimo sofa designed by Adele Cassina is one of those pieces that will make you

The Boden Chair

Here’s a piece of furniture that has the ability to adapt to a variety of different interior designs. The Boden chair is an elegant and simple piece of furniture, with soft curves and a durable design. It features an angled high-back and a strong tapered base and it has a unique shape created for comfort.

Modern western Stefano leather loveseat

When you say love it you usually imagine something romantic since the name has the word “love” in it. That was the case with the original designs that actually took that into consideration. Nowadays “loveseat” is just a word that lost its original meaning and it’s only employed to define a particular type of sofa.

Nickel Station Table Lamp

When I watch old movies I find myself looking in a nostalgic way at the old train station lamps that worked on gas and spread a blurry light around. I don’t know why I find this very romantic and nice, even though I am a modern person and I really enjoy all the benefits of

Seongbukdong Residences

Joel Sanders Architect, in collaboration with Haeahn Architecture, designed 12 sustainable houses in the exclusive Seongbukdong district of Seoul. Project description: Taking advantage of its steeply sloping site, the project weaves together building and landscape, natural and synthetic materials, and indoor and outdoor spaces. Our design approach staggers the dwellings so that each unit enjoys

Chic Sofa by Adele Cassina

Having the right sofa is an essential pre-requisite to a well-designed and comfortable living room. They are, after all, the center piece of most living area space and you will need to put in an adequate amount of time researching for the most suitable one for your home needs. Today we would like to present
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