Interior Decor

The Lobby collection from Fratelli boffi

The Lobby collection is a glamorous mix of fine details and refined designs. It’s a collection create exclusively for the living room and it includes a multitude or different pieces and designs to choose from in order to achieve an elegant, unique and sophisticated décor. Kir Royal Sofa and armchair This beautiful couple was designed

Sweet Honeycomb Lamp Shades by DesignTree

Honey, the sweetest of all sweets and a healthy and natural ingredient is a great product that it should not be missing from our homes. It is known the fact that honey and other natural components that are also the result of these hardworking insects called bees, have curative properties. It is also a product

The impressive Lullingstone Castle

The Lullingstone Castle is owned by the Hart Dyke family and it has been receiving a lot of attention in the last decade, being the subject of several documentaries and in the press as well. Queen Anne used to be a frequent visitor at this castle and also the reason why several alterations have been

Dom Studio

Dom Arquitectura projected their own new studio creating an open interior space visually connected to the street and the garden outside. Project description: The place previously used as a store was completely isolated from the outside. The first action we take, is to open the interior space, both the street and the garden outside, so

Remodeled 12th century oil mill by Ricardo Elizondo

Believe it or not, what you see here is a 12th century oil mill that has been rehabilitated. It was originally designed by architect Ricardo Elizondo and it had an austere interior design. The mill had stone and brick walls and beautiful arches that have been preserved. There’s a central courtyard with iron carpentry that

The Maddox armchair

Usually a piece of furniture is either traditional or modern. There are however some exceptions. The Maddox armchair is one of them. Featuring a look that combines elements of modern and traditional design, the Maddox chair is a unique piece of furniture. In fact, it has a design similar to that of the classic Malcolm

US Naval Ship Light

When you are a child and start reading books, your imagination goes wild and you imagine traveling the seas on board a ship or even a submarine, next to captain Nemo or Ahab. That is because the sea has always fascinated man and we have always dreamed of conquering it. So you will be glad

Los Angeles downtown loft

This modern and expansive loft is located in one of the oldest industrial areas in downtown Los Angeles near the Los Angeles River, the Los Angeles State Historic Park and Chinatown. During the past ten years the area underwent some changes that later resulted in a unique mix of artists’ work space, a public transportation

Table Bench Chair by Sam Hecht

Convertible and multi-purpose pieces of furniture began to be more and more popular. That’s because they are great for small spaces, helping users to enjoy all their functions without having to give up anything. Moreover, these pieces are also great for all types of spaces because they bring new designs to the table and represent

Attractive Chapeau Lamp by Nigel Coates

A famous event this year was the royal wedding from England where Kate Middleton or the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William were the protagonists and the focal points of this reality show. It was a special moment for everyone who watched all the ceremonies but the most spectacular event became for those who had
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