Interior Decor

Casa G

Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor designed this vacational house respecting the landscape that surrounds the house.Project description:The concept of Casa G is based on reading and feedback to the landscape it exists on. The characteristic landscape situation and view differences distinctively in each direction. Towards south the view to the sea and islands, towards north the characteristic

The IbsenMuseum

Gugmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor designed the exhibition space for the IbsenMuseum in Oslo.Project description:The exhibition space was under renovation when the Architect first entered the room for inspection, Tapestry, suspended ceilings and system walls from an office from the 80´s was torned down.What was left was a very rough and “stripped” “appartment-structure” with a filthy wall-panel,

Multifunctional AH-108 Sofa bed

Nowadays we’re all looking for convertible or multifunctional pieces of furniture. Modularity is a bid advantage and comfort and flexibility come first. We try to make out home a pleasant space where we would feel welcomed and where the guests would feel the same. An example of flexible and multifunctional pieces of furniture is this

Chic McIntyre Table Lamp

If your home needs a subtle but eye-catching piece, you can always try a lamp. The McIntyre table lamp would be a very good choice is this case. It’s not the design that makes it special but the combination of odd materials. The base of the lamp was made by hand from recycled rubber and

Stylish and luxurious interior designs by Thomas Bucich

Thomas Bucich Design is a name known for 20 years. This design icon is responsible for some of Sydney’s most elegant homes as well as restaurants and hotels. The stylish and luxurious interior designs created by Thomas Bucich Design are like nothing else you’ve seen. They are unique and have a particularly calm and relaxing

Incredible Office Chair by Benjamin Cselley

If you intend to follow the idea of having a healthy mind in a nice shaped body than you must take into account the things that can help you to do such a thing. We all want to have an incredible body and feel nice .Sometimes in order to keep you in a good shape

Gorgeous Chandeliers by David D’Imperio

It is already known the fact that nature has always represented a source of inspiration for all the artists. Those who made a passion for different elements of it came to show it through their artistic products. There are people who adore flowers, animals or life of the oceans and these elements appear as products

16 breathtaking city wallpapers designs

I’m sure you would like to travel more and to see new places, experience new activities and visit foreign cultures. Whether it’s time, money or anything else that’s stopping you from doing this, there’s no reason to get pessimistic about it. We found a way to allow you to pursue your dreams, even though it’s

Converted warehouse in Madrid

The lovely loft that you see now was once a warehouse. It’s located in Madrid and it suffered a careful renovation meant to turn the cold warehouse into a warm and cozy home. Now the loft in filled with natural light from the large windows. In the living room there’s beautiful vintage table complemented by

Huge Basket Lights by David Trubridge

Basket ball proved to be one of my favorite sports in high school. Although I am a tiny person I was quite good of steeling my adversary’s ball and keeping it as long as I could. Unfortunately, my small stature did not help too much to score many goals. The basket was too high for
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