Interior Decor

Cute Macramé Lighting Shade by Satelight

Macramé is a material that can help you create wonderful artistic designs for your house decorations, or even clothes. Many years ago, I used to know how to create such things. My mother and grandmother were the persons that showed me how I can use my own hands and imagination and create splendid things .Unfortunately

The Phantom swivel chair

This dramatic-looking chair is the perfect way to spice up the décor. It has an unusual design and a matching name. The Phantom chair has a very beautiful silhouette and an overall design that allows it to be integrated in a multitude of different decors. It’s probably called the Phantom because of its dramatic design.

Lovely Bubble Chandelier from Pelle

These days I was in the park with my baby girl and I saw some kids who were making some funny bubbles. Every person was fascinated by those lovely transparent bubbles and turned their head when they saw one. Kids were extremely joyful and those little kids were running after them while they were disappearing

Night Blossom chandelier

When you say chandelier the first thing that probably pops into your head is the traditional version or the baroque chandelier, with a sumptuous design and lots of details carved on the surface. That’s usually the case. However, there’s also a different type of chandeliers, equally elegant and chic, but less formal. The Night Blossom

Light Shelf Tower

I discovered this original lamp and it drew my attention because it combines the features of a shelf and a lamp at the same time. It looks like a tall tower with metal frame and two thick glass shelves where you can store different things like books or other decorations. The upper part is the

Brooklyn Leather Armchair

Leather furniture is a sign of elegance and style. Every home needs at least one leather armchair. It’s usually the living room that accommodates most leather armchairs because they are both comfortable and elegant and integrate nicely in the décor. The Brooklyn armchair is one of the most versatile designs you can find. It’s at

5 ways of decorating the windows

The windows are a refection of the entire interior décor. It’s a symbol of the way we perceive space. Since there are so many choices on the market, here are the 5 most popular ones.1. Coils or spiralsThis type of blinds together with the panels is a very practical way of decorating the windows and

The Simple and Sophisticated Modern Dining Room Chairs

My friend, Kate is a lovely woman with a modern style. She applies her modern style not only in her fashion, but also in her house.Recently she moved to a new apartment. Then she chooses modern dining room chairs for her dining room. These chairs are simple, yet sophisticated and very suitable with her style.The

Closer chairs by Moroso

It’s not easy to find the right chair for your home. Everyone has its own ideas about how furniture should feel and look like. But whatever our preferences are, some things are always the same. We all want something that’s comfortable and that look good as well. The problem is that we all have a

Valentine at CasaDecor Barcelona

CuldeSac designed the Valentine showroom for the CasaDecor 2010 exhibition in Barcelona.Here is the project description:The paint company’s brand value and CuldeSac’s scenographic experience join forces after 3 years experience in the emotion of the senses. Constantly aiming to elevate paint to its highest level, the Valentine space was conceived as an art gallery where
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