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Butterfly Lamp by Alex Earl

Women love butterflies because they are so delicate and they are free to fly wherever they want. They are tiny and beautiful, fragile, yet strong enough to fly and face storms. Women and butterflies are very much alike, so I guess that is the reason why , we, women love them so much. So I

Modern residence on Fjord Vangen offering charming views for sale

When choosing the home you’ve always dreamed about there are some things you can’t ignore. For example, the new house or apartment needs to offer plenty of space and rooms for your existing family and to have some extra space in case for guests or additional family members. The house needs to have the right

The Ayazpasa House in Istanbul

This beautifully ornated house can be found in Istanbul and it has a very sophisticated place with a lot of details all over the place. The Ayazpasa House has very beautiful glided ceilings and beautiful moldings that create an elegant image, with a soft vintage touch.The ceilings are definitely a very beautiful and striking detail,

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture Sets for the Dining Room

After we set the dining room with the excellent decorations, we got to fill it. We should have the furniture sets.The contemporary dining room furniture set sounds OK for the Room. It would be the excellent options of dining room.Many options could be seen. The most important part is; the contemporary dining room furniture sets

Dining Room Table Sets for the Dining Room

Dining would be perfect if it as done in the perfect place and perfect time. We could set the perfect dining room furniture at home.We should add some excellent supportive stuff for the dining room. We got to add the perfect dining room table sets.There would be plenty kinds of dining room table sets. We

Modern Family Dining Room Decorating Ideas

There are so many modern people in this world who want to have kind of modern house as well as their place for spending time with their family after all. In fact, a house is really important to build a proper family of course. There is kind of very crucial part of the house which

International Teaching Hotel

An historic 13th century castle in The Netherlands has reopened as a unique 26-bedroom hotel, designed by some of Holland’s leading interior designers*, and managed almost entirely by students from the Hotel Management School, Maastricht, part of Zuyd University.The Chateau Bethlehem, situated just outside the historic town in the southeast of the country, offers an

Arthur Rimbaud Media Library and Cultural Centre

Dacbert Cochet Chapellier Architects designed the Arthur Rimbaud Media Library and Cultural Centre which was constructed in the context of the city of Anthony’s urban renewal program.Here is the project description:The city launched a public competition for the construction of a media library at Place des Baconnets with the aim of opening up the secluded

La Cabanya Nursery

SAU Taller d’Arquitectura designed La Cabanya, a nursery with park attached in the city of Torelló, Spain.Project description:The approach to the nursery is on the basis of the land surface separated from the urban park of the same name. This place is chosen because is slighty higher than the elevation level of the rest of

Apartment in Zaragoza

One of A-cero latest work is an alteration of a duplex apartment located in Zaragoza.The duplex apartment was in a very bad condition before the A-cero’s improvements, so it was necessary to make a radical alteration.A-cero bets on white as the main color in the apartment in order to get the maximum light and spaciousness.
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