Living Room

Purple Living Room Design

When we decorate our house we do not simply buy things that we see in the store and then try to find their place in our homes. If we do this we will have a chaos and a weird mix of styles and colours and everything will look funny, but not in a good way.

Walnut Desmond Screen

The living room is , in my opinion, the most important room in the house because we spend most of our time there and also all the guests that come to our house stay in this room. Sometimes it is a bit too large or you want to separate two different areas in it, so

Wooden Tray Stand

I have a large family and I love to have them all for a special dinner on each holiday or celebration. But, even if I have quite a large dining room table, I never get to place all the things I need on it. There’s always a bottle of mineral water or some glasses or

Neoclassical Italian Console and Mirror by Ducrot

I have always admired those nice and large mirrors in the actor’s cabins backstage with all the lights around and the tables full of make -up sets. They looked so glamorous and extraordinary. So I have dreamed of having one of those consoles in front of a tall oval mirror that I can use in

11 Living Room Design Ideas For Your Home

Your living room should be a place of comfort and relaxation, the perfect space to do everything you like. Today we have 11 living room designs for you to see. Whether you are into the beachy, nautical look or the Japanese interior decor, there certainly is something here that you will like.The first one is

Genoa Coffee Table With Glass Top

Coffee tables are not just functional and useful when you have guests; they are also very nice looking and pleasant to see, very decorative and stylish, being able to bring a plus of charm to a room and make it look more interesting. They are central furniture pieces most of the time, so they draw

Iron Black Firescreen

Many homes have a fireplace and this small detail gives them a welcoming and warm look, something that makes you feel comfortable there and more “at home”. I know that nowadays we no longer need fireplaces to make a room warm because most homes have central heating, so most fireplaces now have only a decorative

Exotic Retreat Bookcase/Room Divider

I found out that with a bit of imagination and the right kind of furniture you can make some very special and nice changes in your home. For example you can take this Exotic Retreat Bookcase/Room Divider and use it either as a bookcase or as a home divider. It is a kind of bookcase

UFO Table from Inmod

I have wondered many times how come UFOs look like flying saucers and not like something else. Why aren’t they perfectly round or oval or even square? Why do all of them have this particular shape and look? Any way, I do not necessarily believe in aliens and stuff , but I do like unusual

Contemporary Living Room Designs Help You Getting Comfort

Contemporary design is a good choice for those of you who always follow the trend. Of course you will apply contemporary design in your living room. You can find contemporary living room designs to your liking. It would be a good choice for your home. Of course this is a perfect solution if you want
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