Even though this is a small place, measuring only 60m2, it’s a very cozy and welcoming place. In fact, small apartments and house often have this quality because of the small dimensions. This cute loft in located in Paris and unlike the bohemian luxury apartments that you could find there, this is one is more modest but still very chic.

Elegant Loft in Paris 1 Chic loft in Paris

The loft is quite small but the dimensions were not a problem. In fact, it seems larger than it is thanks to the bright colors used and of course the large windows that let natural light in. The white walls and ceilings are always a simple trick to make a place seem larger. The wooden floors add cozyness, while the furniture does the rest.

Elegant Loft in Paris 2 Chic loft in Paris

Elegant Loft in Paris 3 Chic loft in Paris

The wooden pieces of furniture have been carefully chosen to match the floors and the doors in order to create continuity. The kitchen and the bathroom have white furniture, a good choice considering their small dimensions. In the living room there’s a large bookcase that covers and entire walls and that is used to store books and decorative items.

Elegant Loft in Paris Chic loft in Paris

A mirror next to it is another way of visually enhancing the space. As for the furniture and the rest of the decorative pieces, every one of them has been carefully chosen to create a balanced and chic décor.found on marieclairemaison

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