When I first laid eyes on this cute piece of furniture I thought it looks just like a muffin. It has a puffy look and it seems very comfortable. The reason why it looks so soft and cozy is that the frame is completely hidden under the soft upholstery that wraps it from every angle. It would be a funny appearance in a modern living room. Also, because of this unusually soft design, it would be a great choice for a family with small children. I’m sure the little ones will love to sit on this huge muffin.

italian love seat1 Comfy Italian Love Seat

The sofa, or love seat, is 25” high, 37” deep and 6 ft 2” long. It’s not the best choice for small spaces. Nevertheless, if your home is large enough, it would definitely be a fun and cozy appearance. The living room would probably be the best location for this piece. Of course, you can also place it in the bedroom if you have some extra space, or in the hallway, office, etc.

italian love seat2 Comfy Italian Love Seat

italian love seat3 Comfy Italian Love Seat

There are only two such piece available and you can find them on 1stdibs.com. They are in good original condition and they are anxious to find a new home. The love seat comes in a beautiful caramel-like color, which was another reason to compare it to a muffin.found here

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