Carpet cleaners are some of the most effective cleaning devices to eliminate deep stains and dirt from surfaces, such as carpets and upholstery. These carpet cleaning machines are also known as carpet shampooers, carpet extractors, and carpet upholstery cleaning devices.

Carpets are one of the most common surfaces present in homes and commercial facilities. As such, proper carpet maintenance and stain removal are common tasks. To truly clean and prolong the life of carpets, low-flow carpet cleaners are the most effective option.

Carpet Cleaners

Why These Machines are More Effective

A majority of carpet and upholstery surfaces cannot withstand the high pressure and temperature output of steam cleaners and pressure washers. The output temperature of steam cleaners can be as high as 360°F. The output pressure level of pressure washers, on the other hand, is also too high for soft surfaces to withstand. Carpet cleaners are the safest option.

The output temperature of commonly available carpet cleaners ranges from 60°F for non-heated models to 210°F for heated models, while their output pressure ranges from 60 psi to 500 psi. These lower temperature and pressure levels are suitable for use on soft surfaces, like carpet fibers.

Why Carpet Cleaners are Better than Vacuum Cleaners

Many people wonder whether vacuum cleaners are better than carpet cleaners. Vacuum cleaners only absorb the dust and impurities that are not bonded or only loosely bonded to the surface. They cannot remove stains and other impurities that are embedded deeply into the surface. Therefore, they are simply not powerful enough for deep carpet cleaning.

On the other hand, carpet cleaners pump water and carpet cleaning solution on the surface and agitate the carpet fibers. The green chemical molecules penetrate most surfaces and break the bond between the carpet fibers and the stain particles. The machine then absorbs the resulting residue of water, solution, and dirt. This way, carpet cleaners provide a far better result than vacuum cleaners.

How to Select Carpet Cleaners

If you want to select a carpet cleaner for removing deep stains from carpets and upholstery, you need to check two related aspects in particular. Aside from the usual specifications such as brand quality, durability, guarantee, after-sale service, and other such things, check the flow technology and the drying time.

The flow technology determines the time taken for the carpet to dry. Carpet cleaning equipment that uses low-flow technology provides a faster drying time than conventional carpet shampooers. Low-flow and low-moisture technology ensures that the wastage of water is minimized. It also ensures that the efficiency of the machine remains at its maximum and controls the amount of water that flows onto the surface. Surfaces cleaned by conventional devices require a drying time of about 24 hours. However, the latest models of low-flow machines ensure that the drying time is less than 6 hours.

In addition, using carpet cleaners at higher temperature would result in quicker drying. By leaving carpets drier, low-flow carpet cleaners reduce the risk of damage to the carpet or floor caused by prolonged exposure to moisture and mold or mildew growth.

Important Considerations

When operating a carpet cleaning machine, it is essential to first pre-spray the carpet with a carpet cleaning solution. For the best and safest results for both the user and the environment, consider a green carpet cleaning formula. The best suppliers will offer complete solutions for all your carpet cleaning needs, including advanced machines and green chemicals.

This article is all about Deep Stain Removal With Low-Flow Carpet Cleaners