Duvet Cover – What is a duvet cover?  To answer this question, one must first know what a duvet is.  A duvet is a French term for a down comforter, which is a bed cover insulated with goose feather or eider, wool or other natural fills to create a warm bed covering as an alternative to bedspread or quilts.

In the United States, many people say “duvet” when referring to a duvet cover; whereas, in Europe and in Canada, most people refer to a down comforter as a duvet. Duvets are like comforters, except that they have duvet covers which are replaceable and washable, much like large pillowcases.

No matter what people call them, nothing matches the experience of sleeping under a quality down comforter or duvet.

Much like a pillow case on a pillow, this cover is the protective and often a decorative cover that slips over the down comforter or duvet. Duvets are usually not washable, so duvet comforter covers are useful for they can be laundered along with other bed linens, keeping the duvet or down comforter fresh and clean always.

duvet coverLuxury duvet covers are changeable and often reversible, with coordinating patterns and colors.  With duvet cover bedding, one can change the look of the room without having to completely redecorate.  Sometimes it is part of the bed ensemble along with sheet sets, shams, pillowcases and bedskirts.

What is advantageous, convenient and fascinating with a this bed linen is that it allows you to keep the same look in your bedroom in winter and in summer.  When it gets cold, you simply change a lighter weight duvet for a heavier one and when the weather gets warm, you can insert inside the lighter one in place of a heavier duvet.  However, if you want to have a constant change in the look of your room, you can have one duvet and multiple duvet cover sets with different patterns, colors and textures.

This type of bed linen comes in different styles, designs, patterns and fabrics as down comforters. Of course you can buy duvet cover online.  If you want a complete look in your bedroom, you can find them online with matching curtains and throw pillows. Cheaper covers are also available on online sales.

This article is all about Duvet Cover – Allows One to Keep the Same Look in a Bedroom in Winter and in Summer