Duvet Cover – If you are planning to buy a duvet and duvet cover set, you have to know how to do it properly. After all, these are things that you will use when you are sleeping. And you want to be 100 % comfortable when you are in snooze land. There are several tips or choosing the right duvet cover set. Here are some useful tips.

Choose something that has a high thread count or TC. A high TC means softer duvet cover. A duvet cover set with a 300 TC is perfect. But if you still want something softer, you can still choose something with a higher TC.

Decide on the fabric. Duvet covers can be made of several types of fabric: cotton, velvet, faux, suede, silk, etc. Cotton is the best option if you want something soft and comfortable. But if you want something that will keep you really warm in winter, velvet is a good choice.

Select the right style, pattern, or color. This depends on your bedroom’s existing theme. Choose something that will match or complement what you already have.

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Size is also important. Choose a duvet cover set with the right size, depending on the down comforter or duvet that you will cover.

These are the things that you should consider when choosing a duvet cover set. What about the duvet filling? It is equally important to choose the right kind of filling which works best for you. Here is a list of the different types of duvet filling.

Down. This is the plumage that grows underneath a duck or a goose’s outer feathers. It is very fluffy and soft. It protects the birds from the cold harsh weather in winter. Goose down is more expensive than duck down because goose is rarer, unlike duck which are readily available in different parts of Asia.

Down and Feather. A combination of down and feather is cheaper than pure down. Pure down makes you really warm in winter while down and feather mix is perfect for summer or not-so-cold months.

Wool. This is another type of duvet filling that is natural. A wool-filled duvet will keep you warm during cold months and cool during hot seasons. Most of the time, a heavy wool-filled duvet is warmer than a light duvet.

Synthetic. These are made of polyester fabric and they are probably the cheapest in the market. They are not as comfortable as other types of duvet filling because it will not mold round your body when you lie down on it. A more expensive type of synthetic filling is microfiber. It feels like a down duvet but the similarities end there.

Cotton. This is popular in warm countries where people do not need heavy comforters in cold season. The price is similar to that of wool-filled duvets.

You have to consider these things when choosing a duvet and duvet cover for your bed. It is important to choose the best one if you want to be comfortable while sleeping.

This article is all about Duvet Cover Sets and Types of Duvet Filling – Choosing the Best One