Duvet Covers – Many people fail to understand the differences between duvets, quilts and comforters. Quilts are usually thinner and are known for their intricate stitching patterns. Quilts are a double layer of blanket stuffed with one kind of filling or another to make it thick and soft. Duvets are giant bed-sized bags filled with features, or down, from birds. The word “duvet” is a French word which means “down.”

Today, there are many options for down alternatives to fill duvets with, like wool or other natural stuffing. This warm bed covering comes with a cover, which is what makes it a benefit over quilts and comforters. Duvet covers are removable and washable, making them the choice of many when it comes to bed coverings.

duvet covers

The duvet itself cannot be washed because the filling would be ruined, most especially in the case of real down filling. This is why duvet covers are so useful. They serve as a giant pillow case over the duvet. Buttons, zippers or ties at the top of the duvet keep the cover secured until you need to remove it. The covers can be laundered with the sheets and pillow cases in a washer at home, for your convenience.

Like comforters and quilts, duvets are bought according to the size of the bed they will be used on. Some duvets are reversible, giving you designing options each time you wash and freshen up your sheets. You can change the look of a whole room simply by turning your duvet cover inside-out! 100 percent cotton duvet covers are known to be the softest when compared to rayon or microfiber, plus being completely natural makes it hypoallergenic.

The only tricky part about having a duvet is getting the cover on, and the difficulty can be easily remedied with a few tips. Especially with king sized duvets, it is helpful to spread the duvet out completely flat on the bed. Turn the cover inside-out with the bottom seam of the duvet and the cover lined up. Through the duvet cover, grasp the corners of the duvet itself and lift your arms, allowing the cover to fall around the duvet. Shake it out while keeping a secure hold on both the duvet and the cover and secure it in place once it is completely encased. Duvet covers are a great investment for anyone hoping to protect their duvet convers.

This article is all about Duvet Covers – What Are They?