Think of these two options. What would you prefer, a huge office building or a small office building?I guess it depends on everybody’s personal features and working desires. A huge office building will include many people who would work each on their side and less intimacy or close relationships. Here it is almost impossible to know everybody and find out many things about the other’s work.

bp office1 Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

A small office building presupposes a small team of working people who may know each other very well. Here you cannot speak about too much privacy but the relationships are really close. Sometimes you may discover your best friend as your work mate.

bp office Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

bp office2 Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

BP Office is a huge office building designed by Group A. Actually we speak about BP Raffinaderij Rotterdam which is the largest and newest oil company located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The demands of the owners were o create a safe building for the employees and a place where they can work in a comfortable and relaxing way.

bp office3 Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

bp office4 Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

bp office5 Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

bp office6 Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

The office is located close to the BP refinery while the location of the building on the d’Arcyweg is set on the edge of the industrial landscape of the refineries and the green, watery landscape of the Brielle Lake. The semicircular, wavy shapes of the building or of its walls make of this office building a dynamic construction which seems to be in a continual movement. The balance between the building itself and the outside landscape is provided by the pieces of furniture which imitate elements from nature or the presence of some warm colors like green and natural wood.

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