The moment you start working with kids or adolescents you notice their ability to adapt easily, their receptivity to everything that is new and how quickly they change their mind. They are the expression of adaptability and flexibility. You may think of the moments when they had to face things like moving into a new classroom, integrate as a new colleague in a new group or taking part to all your colleagues’ activities once they have launched a new idea.

porouschair MisoSoupDesign Flexible POrOus Chair by MisoSoupDesign

Usually teenagers adopt such a state and behave like this. All their features became inspiration for the Japanese architects Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan from MisoSoupDesign who have designed this flexible POrOus Chair.

It is a great chair made from recycled post-industrial content such as soft drink bottles. The re-fabricated polyester makes it become durable but at the same time flexible. Its process of fabrication is really simple.

porouschair MisoSoupDesign1 Flexible POrOus Chair by MisoSoupDesign

As it is a piece of furniture inspired by teenagers you may also install hardware such as music players, speakers, or lamps by attaching a device that works as an electrical outlet. This combination of a place that offers you different facilities and a simple chair represents an interaction between person and object through the use of technology. Its flexible, porous structure is a symbol for the teenager’s mind which also adopts the same features.

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