Bathroom DesignsBathroom Designs – Are you thinking of making a change to your bathroom? If you plan to remodel your bathroom, you may need some help. Instead of merely replacing cabinets or bathroom fixtures with upgraded models, you may want to consider consulting with a bathroom designer.

A bathroom designer can tell you about the best selling trends in bathrooms, and he or she can also look at your floor plan to determine if it’s really functional, or if there is a way to make the bathroom appear larger by reconfiguring the space. Fortunately, you can get a lot of help online. In fact, it’s possible to find free online bathroom design.

Your free online bathroom designs can incorporate a lot of changes to your bathroom. Some suggestions might be to relocate some of the major items – bathtub, shower, sink, or commode. Other ideas might include changing out bathroom cabinetry, light fixtures, or replacing tile or flooring elements.

Bathroom designs can really change the look of your bathroom. You may find that new cabinets also increase your overall storage space. A free online bathroom designs might include placing wall cabinets above the commode for additional space, or simplifying the vanity cabinet to create more floor space. Imagine how much space you would get if you replaced a double basin sink with a single sink in a large cabinet – you’d still have great storage space, but more open floor space in the bathroom.

Your free online bathroom designs might suggest some of the following tips for making your bathroom appear more modern, cohesive and attractive:

* Transparent shower walls or glass shower doors extend the view in your bathroom, making the space seem more open and bright.

* If you are trying to save space, consider a pedestal sink or wall mounted sinks. You’ll lose some under the cabinet storage, but you’ll gain a simple, uncluttered look.

* Recessed cabinets into your wall space to add storage. When you recess the cabinets you create more space, but the smooth wall design makes the room feel elegant and simple.

* Think about other light sources. Consider using skylights or changing window placement to open the bathroom to more natural light.

* Vertical lines make the space look bigger. Think about tiling the walls or shower stalls. The grout line of the tile will create that natural optical illusion of more space. This is especially effective when matched to the tile on the floor of the bathroom designs or shower space.

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