Most kids like fruit very much and apples are among the favourites. So if you want to surprise your child or children and get something special and funny for their room, maybe it would be a good idea to buy something shaped like an apple. For example this Happle Lamp is perfect for any child to lit when the night comes. And if all children are afraid of the dark, when they see the sparkling apple in the dark they will be totally relaxed and fall asleep again.

My guess is “happle” is a word play, a combined word obtained by sticking “happy” and “apple” in a single word, with the elision of some letters. So you have a happy apple disguised as a night lamp. The shape is that of an apple and it comes in green and red and also in two sizes: small and large. It is cute and funny and has the light bulb inside, so the light will be diffuse and not very powerful, perfect for the night watch. You can have this lamp for $44.56.

This article is all about Happle Lamp