This beautiful residence is located in Madrid, Spain and it’s the home of fashion designer David Delfin and photographer Gorka Postigo. This residence is a sanctuary of modernity and nonconformism. It’s not the type of interior décor that every age category would approve. Some people might even find it offensive. Nevertheless, this home expresses the owners’ personality and character and it’s a faithful reflection of all the ideas they believe in.

The interior décor is a combination of modern photographs and 1940s and 1960s furniture items. The white walls and floors are a symbol of purity and they perfectly complement the rest of the items. With a neutral white background, the rest of the décor is more dynamic and colorful. The lighting fixtures are also an important element in the décor and the artistic background of the house.

Every room is different and unique and still, there’s a unity throughout the house. For example, some links that make it possible is the wooden furniture pieces and the matching finishes. And even though is might seem busy and even crowded, the house is actually quite simply decorated and the rooms are airy and inviting. There are a lot of symbolic elements in this house and most of them are striking and quite impressive. One thing is certain: this is a one-of-a-kind home and so are the owners.

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