Stearns and Foster

Amongst the many companies that manufacture mattress, Stearns and Foster is one of them. It is a very old company and has been specialized in this field for over 150 years. Stearns and Foster are considered to be a very famous manufacturer of mattresses. It has been making mattresses in various parts of the world including the United States. The main aim of S & F is to design mattresses of fine quality to provide good comfort, support and durability to its consumers.

Given below is a brief review of S and F mattresses:

You might know that it is better to read the customer reviews of any product before buying them. One of the Stearns and Foster mattresses that hasn’t received entirely positive comments by a number of consumers is the Oak Bar Plaza mattress. They have rated the Oak Bar Plaza very low. Some complained to suffer from back aches after sleeping on this mattress, and there were many other users who received the mattress with numerous defects and had to wait a long time to get a replacement for the defective product.

Having said that, other website reviews report only positive comments about Stearns and Foster mattresses – they also rated the S & F mattress with a number of very positive points. Users appreciated the good quality of the mattress and said that the mattresses are durable, supportive and offered great levels of comfort. In addition to this, they are also attractive and strong.

In the reviews, you will see that people have also discussed the advantages of Stearns and Foster mattresses. They say that the mattresses are good value and provide good quality spinal support throughout the night. Other benefits include good longevity, craftsmanship and durability of these mattresses. The mattresses are made from virgin latex, imported tickings and visco-elastic memory foam materials.

Some websites also commented that the mattress are not only of good quality but available at low prices. The traditional innerspring mattresses are one of the examples that offer the best balance between excellent support and quality.

So, different websites have rated the mattresses differently according to user’s satisfaction. Some people consider them best for their quality and price while others dislike some of the features. There are also some users who think that Stearns and Foster mattresses exacerbate their back problems. For those reasons, it is better to visit a store and check the mattresses personally to ensure you know the pros and cons of each one.

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