Ikea Mattress

If you are looking for a good mattress for your bed, look no further than an IKEA Mattress. Most of the times people tend to be at a loss when it comes to selecting a good mattress. You will find that at IKEA, there is a wide range of mattresses that vary from sizes, designs and mattress types. If you have no access to a catalogue, you can easily find out from the many customer reviews that are found all over the internet. Many consumers have had very good things to report back about the IKEA Mattress.

Among the IKEA Mattress you will find the sultan line of mattresses which is accompanied by a 5 year warranty if or if you are buying the springs and frame, you will get a warranty that runs for twenty five good years. The IKEA Mattress Sultan collection contains various ranges of mattresses including the pocket friendly Florvag which is made of polyurethane foam mattress. It is also fitted with a mattress cover made of cotton so that you can easily take it off and wash it. There are also other mattresses in this collection that are produced from the latex foam. These are the more expensive of the IKEA Mattress kind and their prices can get up to 500 dollars and above. The sultan collection of the IKEA Mattress has got a three month or ninety days trial period where you carry your mattress home and if it does not serve you according to your expectation, you are allowed to come back and get it changed but only if you return it within the ninety day period.

A majority of the IKEA Mattress customers are happy with their purchase and are always impressed by the comfortable mattresses and they always comment on the mattress being able to maintain its density for a long time. There are however many other customers who have complained of the smell of gas emanating from the mattress. A number of them question the types of chemicals which are used in treating the mattresses in order to create the fire retardant layer. This is mostly done using some fire retardant sprays and it seems that the bad smell goes on for some time.

Some have had to remove all the beddings including the sheets from their IKEA Mattress and leave them outside during the day or prop them against the wall and leave the air filters and the fans on. There have been side effects like coughing, sore throats and lack of restful sleep. The IKEA Mattress is however among the fair priced mattresses compared to its competitors. Their mattresses are largely known to be comfortable and last long.

If you are looking for a good mattress that will serve you for tens of years, you need to do a thorough research since a matress is something that you will spend approximately 8 hours every day and you wouldn’t want to spend a third of your day sleeping on something that is uncomfortable.

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