Many homes have a fireplace and this small detail gives them a welcoming and warm look, something that makes you feel comfortable there and more “at home”. I know that nowadays we no longer need fireplaces to make a room warm because most homes have central heating, so most fireplaces now have only a decorative purpose. But they do look very nice in the living room and when the family is gathered for the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, you feel the need to use these old fireplaces and smell the burnt wood once again. But if your fireplace is functional, you should also be concerned to have a firescreen for protective purposes.

00769 Iron Black FirescreenThis Iron Black Firescreen is hand made and very beautiful, almost delicate. It looks like an intricate embroidery made of iron and it is wide enough to cover the logs in your fireplace. It is painted in black and has a very nice design, being both decorative and functional. You can order it here for $312.

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