Duvet Cover – More and more people these days own king size duvets or quilts and are therefore looking for a king size duvet cover for their bed.

While duvet covers are pretty prevalent in general, king size duvet covers are a little more rare and so this article is designed to offer a few basics about them and what to look for.

For starters, a king size duvet cover is usually anywhere from 89-100 inches long by 85-90 inches wide. You will find that different king size duvets will all have slightly varying sizes and so it’s best to measure your own duvet before looking for a cover for it, just to make sure you don’t buy one that won’t fit.

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You can also get king duvet covers in different materials and you should consider which is the best for you. The most popular is cotton because it’s widely available, the best value for money, comes in the largest amount of different designs, is very durable and is the easiest to clean and take care of.

Then there’s silk and satin which are widely considered to be more luxurious materials and therefore cost more. However, if you’ve ever felt a silk sheet it feels incredible and really is something special so may be worth the extra cost.

The other option if you’re looking for a luxury duvet cover is getting a cotton one but in a higher thread count. Thread count is a measurement of the amount of threads per inch and is basically an indicator of quality by showing how soft and smooth the material will be to the skin. Getting a high thread count cotton duvet cover – especially a top quality Egyptian cotton duvet cover – is generally considered to be as good as almost any silk duvet cover and really just comes down to preference of what you like more.

Of course, price is often the main determining factor in regards to what type of king size duvet cover you would be looking for. So if finding cheap duvet covers is your goal then you’re best sticking to cotton or even suede which has become more prevalent as a duvet cover material in recent years.

If money is your top consideration then you’ll definitely find the best option in terms of practicality and quality versus price is a simple cotton duvet cover with about a 180 thread count. This type of king size duvet cover can be found in a lot of different colors, styles and designs compared to the other materials, will feel good and last a long time if you take good basic care of it.

In terms of choosing a design it again is pretty much a case of personal preference. Most important is to make sure the color matches the room it will be going in to, so it’s pleasant to look at and enhances the style of the room. While strong colors and designs are all the rage at the moment, it’s amazing how often a relatively plain white duvet cover is a great, safe choice if you can’t see anything else you like that is clearly a good match for your house.

To give yourself the best option of finding a design you like – especially for a king size quilt cover – I suggest shopping for it online. Most offline stores only carry a small range of king size duvet covers (if any at all) due to the demand not being as high as for other sizes and so you stand a much better chance of finding a design you like online not to mention paying less for it.

Of course, there’s also the benefit of not having to go through the hassle and drama of driving around shopping for your new king size duvet cover and then having to get the heavy thing home. Chances are you’re more likely to find something you really like, get it for a better price and save yourself a lot of time in the process.

This article is all about King Size Duvet Cover – Basic Information