Levin Furniture

Levin Furniture is a great furniture retail store that offers low prices on some of the nicest brands in furniture. Located in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the furniture company has a number of store locations and seems to constantly be expanding. Levin’s success and attraction is similar to most furniture stores today, stemming from their exceptionally low prices and their wide selection of great furniture pieces. In a difficult economy, people are eager to find great prices on furniture, and Levin is a great place to find these deals.

When it comes to prices, Levin Furniture tries to offer deals that make you do a double take. Pretty much every week, the company has a set of its huge door busters where they slash prices on a set of items by upwards of 50%. Everything from bedroom sets to luxury couches, they spare nothing when they try and come up with a nice sale. As such, it’s well worth scanning their weekly ads when you are trying to find new furniture, as you never know what you might find.

The company also makes a big deal about their active efforts to offer good customer service. As you go into the store to buy a piece of furniture, the sales associate essentially becomes your employee. You can tell them what to do and the things that you’re looking for and they give you their fullest attention. In one example, a woman wasn’t sure if the bedroom set she was looking for would fit in her home, so the sales associate pulled out measuring tape and sized out the whole set for the woman. They are incredibly accommodating and make the entire experience a more relaxing one.

Overall, it’s hard to beat the great discount prices available at Levin Furniture. While we recommend checking out other low priced options in the area like Havertys furniture or Ashley furniture, in the end, it’s hard for many to compete with Levin’s incredibly low prices. Throughout the rest of our site, we’ll provide you with reviews, locations and more about the company.

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