I chose this lamp to show you today because of its very interesting and unusual shape. It has an L shaped contour and a very strong base that is secured to your desk with a powerful magnet. That makes it unique and particular, giving your desk a special look, a special design. It is an ultra-slim LED task light that does not even look like a lamp, but rather like a futuristic sculpture or so. Any way, the strong light of the lamp is provided by the LEDs.

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This lamp is very easy to control and you can get high luminosity, low or turn it off by simply touching a button. Because the base is rectangular in shape and is built in a certain way, it can hold two similar arms of a lamp at the same time and this way offer the amount of light that you need over a bigger area. The lamp arm is very lightweight and made of a single piece of aluminum. It has an almost invisible cord that allows the lamp to connect to a source of energy. You can have this interesting lighting device for $230.

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