This 3-level structure that you see here is located in Mill Valley, a city in Marin County. It was envisaged as a residence where three generations could live together and where each one would have its own space. It’s a way of keeping relatives together without actually having them in your own home but still close by and where you can spend time with them whenever you want.

Besides of the three generations, three separate levels have been created in two dwellings. They all share a beautiful green roof. Each space was tailored for each generation. Upstairs there’s a formal and quiet space with a dramatic design. Downstairs the atmosphere is more warm and casual. There’s also a play area for the kids and their drum set, as well as a space for their pet rat. The middle level is a shared space between the two dwellings.

The whole structure is filled with natural finishes, furniture made from salvaged wood and hand carved built-in elements .The roof is filled with native and drought-tolerant plants. The whole house is nicely insulated and it also has many energy-and water-efficient features. The 3-level structure that you see now was built back in 2009 by McGlashan Architecture.. the architects chose a neutral design that would please all three generations living there. So it’s a modern but yet simple and tranquil house, perfect for the owners.

This article is all about Mill Valley Hillside by McGlashan Architecture