I have always admired those nice and large mirrors in the actor’s cabins backstage with all the lights around and the tables full of make -up sets. They looked so glamorous and extraordinary. So I have dreamed of having one of those consoles in front of a tall oval mirror that I can use in my bedroom. This Neoclassical Italian Console and Mirror by Ducrot is very close to my childhood dream. It is stylish and delicate and has a very unusual and interesting design. The console is wall mounted and comes together with a very beautiful mirror that must be fixed in the wall right above it.

cache.php Neoclassical Italian Console and Mirror by DucrotThe console is made of mahogany and has very graceful curves. It was very well preserved and the mirror is original. It has two small drawers that can be very useful when it comes to all kinds of little things a woman needs when she tries to be beautiful. The set is offered by Lost City Arts, where you can also find some antiques that are very well preserved . This one can be purchased for $4,800.

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