When I watch old movies I find myself looking in a nostalgic way at the old train station lamps that worked on gas and spread a blurry light around. I don’t know why I find this very romantic and nice, even though I am a modern person and I really enjoy all the benefits of modern technology. But I happen to like these lamps, both because they look so old-fashioned and nice and also because the shape and contour of the lamps is elegant and stylish even today. That is why this Nickel Station Table Lamp caught my attention.

The table lamp you can see here borrows something from the design of the old gas lamps in the railway stations, but they add something else that makes them appropriate in a modern home: the shiny finish and the nice nickel touch, plus the fact that it is small and elegant and works on an economic light bulb, too. You can purchase the item for $129.

This article is all about Nickel Station Table Lamp