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Imposing Contemporary Residence Overlooking The Mediterranean Sea

Oded & Elizabeth Tal Architects completed an impressive contemporary residence in Tel Aviv, Israel. Here is the information we received from the project developers: “The house was built on a beautifully sloping site, on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, in a suburb north of Tel Aviv, Israel. In order to give all spaces within

Luxurious and Falmboyant Berlin Penthouse Design

Luxury and elegance go hand in hand in this exquisite penthouse design. Oskar Kohnen and Fabian Freytag of Berlin-based architectural office LecaroliMited created the bright space as a flamboyant reinvention of residential luxury, using shapes, patterns, mirroring surfaces and colors to create a modern fairytale penthouse apartment. Part of the designers’ cutting edge projects, the

Remodeled small apartment in Madrid

Small places can also be beautiful and pleasant. In fact, it could more inviting and warm just because of its small dimensions. For example, let’s take a look at this beautiful place in Madrid. The design was created by Paloma Martínez Gil, Argensolacuatro Architecture Study. What you see here is actually a redesign and restructure

Apartment turned into a stylish loft by Triptique

This apartment might be smaller than your dream home, but inside there;s a very surprising and beautiful image awaiting you. The apartment is located in the Jardins areas in downtown Sao Paulo. If we would have to be very specific, we shouldn’t call this place an apartment. It’s actually more like a loft.That’s because the

Stylish and luxurious interior designs by Thomas Bucich

Thomas Bucich Design is a name known for 20 years. This design icon is responsible for some of Sydney’s most elegant homes as well as restaurants and hotels. The stylish and luxurious interior designs created by Thomas Bucich Design are like nothing else you’ve seen. They are unique and have a particularly calm and relaxing

Lighting for Your Modern Kitchens

Lighting is important for every room in your house, especially in the kitchen. You need enough light to do your activities in the kitchen without getting hurt. Most households have modern kitchens lately. It is very simple to create the best lighting effect for modern kitchen since it is emphasizing minimalist and simplicity looks. You

Incredible Office Chair by Benjamin Cselley

If you intend to follow the idea of having a healthy mind in a nice shaped body than you must take into account the things that can help you to do such a thing. We all want to have an incredible body and feel nice .Sometimes in order to keep you in a good shape

Comfortable Home in Harmony With Its Surroundings: Piracicaba House

Located in Piracicaba, Brazil, the residence you are about to enjoy is a fantastic modern architectural response to its surroundings. Displaying 21,500 square feet of living spaces – both entertaining and private rooms, the Piracicaba House is only 250km away from São Paulo. Designer Isay Weinfeld constructed the architecture in complete harmony with the surrounding landscape

Gorgeous Chandeliers by David D’Imperio

It is already known the fact that nature has always represented a source of inspiration for all the artists. Those who made a passion for different elements of it came to show it through their artistic products. There are people who adore flowers, animals or life of the oceans and these elements appear as products

16 breathtaking city wallpapers designs

I’m sure you would like to travel more and to see new places, experience new activities and visit foreign cultures. Whether it’s time, money or anything else that’s stopping you from doing this, there’s no reason to get pessimistic about it. We found a way to allow you to pursue your dreams, even though it’s
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