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Converted warehouse in Madrid

The lovely loft that you see now was once a warehouse. It’s located in Madrid and it suffered a careful renovation meant to turn the cold warehouse into a warm and cozy home. Now the loft in filled with natural light from the large windows. In the living room there’s beautiful vintage table complemented by

Beautiful Clink Street Apartment Interior by Chiara Ferrari

Everybody loves privacy. You do not want that everybody knows what you are doing, when you eat or what clothes you wear. Too much information about you exposed to other persons might affect your relationships, your image and influence a lot your daily life. Sometimes it is nice to keep certain things just for you

Huge Basket Lights by David Trubridge

Basket ball proved to be one of my favorite sports in high school. Although I am a tiny person I was quite good of steeling my adversary’s ball and keeping it as long as I could. Unfortunately, my small stature did not help too much to score many goals. The basket was too high for

Purple Living Room Design

When we decorate our house we do not simply buy things that we see in the store and then try to find their place in our homes. If we do this we will have a chaos and a weird mix of styles and colours and everything will look funny, but not in a good way.

Modern white apartment in a historic building

Usually when you see such a historic building, you imagine that the interior is also old and out of fashion. In this case you might be surprised. This particular apartment is a modern oasis in the middle of a historic setting. The apartment is located on a first floor in a 6-storey apartment building. It

The Hansgrohe Luxury Kitchens Accessories

For every modern home the presence of kitchen accessories are important to make the kitchen more comfortable and more appealing. Today, kitchen accessories producing companies have been able to produce a collection of designer fittings that can generate what are called luxury kitchens in every modern home. Such new set of accessories provide a new

Historic 600 sq m apartment in Rome

Situated in the hearth of Rome, in Via Monterone, a 50 meter walk from Piazza Sant’ Eustachio and the Pantheon in Italy, this apartment is truly unique. It’s not just the luxurious interior design but the historic value of this place. The apartment measures 600 sq m or 6,458 Sq Ft and it’s located on

Brilliant Lamp Brillo by Marchetti

Lighting has always affected the interior design of a room and the atmosphere that can be created here. The intensity of a source of light may also make you feel more comfortable, more romantic or fuller of dynamism.Marchetti believes that light has always had a strong effect on our senses and if you look at

Box-shaped house by Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

This box-shaped house is located in Klausdorf, Germany. It was designed and built by Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten and it was completed in 2008. The house sits on a 151 sq m plot and it’s surrounded by nature from every angle. It was created as a prototype for a serial holiday and residential house and it’s

Walnut Desmond Screen

The living room is , in my opinion, the most important room in the house because we spend most of our time there and also all the guests that come to our house stay in this room. Sometimes it is a bit too large or you want to separate two different areas in it, so
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