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Erin Fetherston‘s New York loft

Today we’re going to take a peak at this beautiful loft located in New York. It belongs to designer(and former Fashion Funder Erin Fetherston. She decided to move to New York in 2007, after spending five years in Paris. She grew up in the Bay Area of California but at one point she wanted something

The unique Meg Chair

It’s not every day that you see such a stunning design. The Meg chair has a very unique look that you can either love or hate. Personally I’m still having mixed feelings in this area. Whatever the case is, one thing is certain: there’s no other chair like this one. The design is so different

References of Small Kitchen Designs on the Internet

Kitchen is one of the important rooms that you need to maintain well. It is because kitchen has the most important function which is for preparing food and drink. For that reason, the design of a kitchen is very essential to create a comfortable place to cook and prepare food.Moreover, it appears to be a

LIM Task Light

I chose this lamp to show you today because of its very interesting and unusual shape. It has an L shaped contour and a very strong base that is secured to your desk with a powerful magnet. That makes it unique and particular, giving your desk a special look, a special design. It is an

Flexible POrOus Chair by MisoSoupDesign

The moment you start working with kids or adolescents you notice their ability to adapt easily, their receptivity to everything that is new and how quickly they change their mind. They are the expression of adaptability and flexibility. You may think of the moments when they had to face things like moving into a new

Comfy Italian Love Seat

When I first laid eyes on this cute piece of furniture I thought it looks just like a muffin. It has a puffy look and it seems very comfortable. The reason why it looks so soft and cozy is that the frame is completely hidden under the soft upholstery that wraps it from every angle.

Wooden Tray Stand

I have a large family and I love to have them all for a special dinner on each holiday or celebration. But, even if I have quite a large dining room table, I never get to place all the things I need on it. There’s always a bottle of mineral water or some glasses or

Brazilian Modern Architecture by Procter-Rihl Architects

This modern new structure doesn’t seem to be part of the surrounding landscape. That’s because it wasn’t supposed to be. It was conceived as a SLICE built on an urban residue leftover after the opening of a new road on the west side of the site, hence the name of the house. Thanks to the

5 bedroom interior décor ideas

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house and it influences your day to day life. So it’s important to choose the right décor. Here are 5 ideas that might help you make up your mind.1. The romantic bedroomThis is one of the most popular décor ideas. In order to create

Two apartments in one in Hong Kong

What you’re going to see here is a very special opportunity and a very rare offer. These two apartments are located Jardine’s Lookout, Hong Kong in a complex that consists of three 20-story buildings and was competed in 1974 and renovated in 2008. The owners of the apartment are good friends and next door neighbors
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