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Retro bling penthouse interior design by LecaroliMited

What you see here is a very special penthouse located in Berlin. The residence sits on 400 sq meters and it has a very special interior design. It was created by LecaroliMited, an architectural office known for its surprising and flamboyant designs. It was founded in 2005 by Oskar Kohnen and Fabian Freytag and it

Dynamic BP Office in Rotterdam

Think of these two options. What would you prefer, a huge office building or a small office building?I guess it depends on everybody’s personal features and working desires. A huge office building will include many people who would work each on their side and less intimacy or close relationships. Here it is almost impossible to

What do you think Modern Bedroom Wallpaper?

Having a comfortable bedroom is everyone’s dream. A few people choose a simple model, because they think that it can make them feel comfortable. However a number of people choose the modern bedroom wallpaper, because it can make them comfortable. It may be usual simple bedroom wallpaper but not for the modern one.Almost modern bedroom

Neoclassical Italian Console and Mirror by Ducrot

I have always admired those nice and large mirrors in the actor’s cabins backstage with all the lights around and the tables full of make -up sets. They looked so glamorous and extraordinary. So I have dreamed of having one of those consoles in front of a tall oval mirror that I can use in

Buy Dining Room Table Sets

One of the important aspects you need to have in your house is the nice furniture. Believe it or not, furniture can really influence your mood when you are staying at your room. Nice looking and suitable stuff with the room’s design will make you feel comfortable and enjoy staying at a certain area longer.

Bathroom Sets to Bring Your Signature to the bathroom Style and Decoration

Designing your home interior is one of the exciting moments where you can play with your creativity to produce a signature theme of your home decoration. You may use an interior designer service, however, the very best is that you collaborate both of your ideas so that you can have a signature of yours in

Red and White Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are not the most important rooms in the house, but it is very important to have a nice bathroom, so as to feel fine when you are there. But, even if you are not home too long and do not spend too much time in the bathroom, you certainly want a nice and modern

11 Living Room Design Ideas For Your Home

Your living room should be a place of comfort and relaxation, the perfect space to do everything you like. Today we have 11 living room designs for you to see. Whether you are into the beachy, nautical look or the Japanese interior decor, there certainly is something here that you will like.The first one is

Contemporary retreat located on the Australian coastline

Located in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia this modern structure was completed in 2009. It was designed and built by Andrew Simpson Architects in collaboration with builder MM Heam and structural engineer TGM Engineers and Surveyors. The team working at this project was quite numerous, composed of Andrew Simpson, Owen West, Steve Hatzellis and Foong Chern

Whitaker Chair by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a famous American designer of Jewish origins who invented an original approach to home design called “happy chic”. This Whitaker Chair by Jonathan Adler is very nice and looks great. That is because it is pretty different from all the other chairs I have seen so far. The chair does not have
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