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Why Custom Kitchen Cabinets

It is true that the presence of kitchen cabinets in our kitchens is incomparably essential both for the function and the appearance of the kitchen. Having custom kitchen cabinets is usually much more convenient since you as the kitchen user can optimize the function of your cabinets according to your requirements. However, anything that goes

Argos retreat in Cappadocia

Finding the perfect place to spend your vacation is not easy. People start looking month before and what should be relaxing and calm turn into a stressful quest. Since we know how stressful and unpleasant it can get, we thought we would show you this beautiful retreat that could be the one. Argos is located

Dom Studio

Dom Arquitectura projected their own new studio creating an open interior space visually connected to the street and the garden outside. Project description: The place previously used as a store was completely isolated from the outside. The first action we take, is to open the interior space, both the street and the garden outside, so

Remodeled 12th century oil mill by Ricardo Elizondo

Believe it or not, what you see here is a 12th century oil mill that has been rehabilitated. It was originally designed by architect Ricardo Elizondo and it had an austere interior design. The mill had stone and brick walls and beautiful arches that have been preserved. There’s a central courtyard with iron carpentry that

The Maddox armchair

Usually a piece of furniture is either traditional or modern. There are however some exceptions. The Maddox armchair is one of them. Featuring a look that combines elements of modern and traditional design, the Maddox chair is a unique piece of furniture. In fact, it has a design similar to that of the classic Malcolm

Great Combinations for Your White Kitchens

There are many kitchen styles come and go, but still a white kitchen design is never go out of date. White kitchens are very flexible to combine with classic black, embolden with bright color, or warm up with wood touches. Having a white kitchen in your house won’t make you out of trend of kitchen

The modern cave home by Alexandre de Betak

Alexandre de Betak is a 42 year old renowned events producer, art director and designer whose work includes fashion shows and extravaganzas for clients from Dior to Rodarte to Tiffany. He can do a lot of things but designing and building a home was not on the list until recently. He had a dream from

Creative Decor for Country Kitchens

Country style for a kitchen can bring a very comfortable feeling to the tenants. In fact it is very fun to use creative decor that you make by yourself as the accents of your country kitchens. Country decorating accessories for kitchens usually have a style that is homespun and simple. Therefore, it can be very

US Naval Ship Light

When you are a child and start reading books, your imagination goes wild and you imagine traveling the seas on board a ship or even a submarine, next to captain Nemo or Ahab. That is because the sea has always fascinated man and we have always dreamed of conquering it. So you will be glad

Unusual house in Tokyo by Torafu

This unusual and eye-catching house is located in Tokyo, Japan and it was designed and built by Torafu. The site measures 230 sqm while the house only occupies 67.35 sqm. It was designed in 2007 and built in 2008. It’s situated in a quiet residential area where the houses are usually less impressive.The neighboring houses
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