Small Bathroom DesignSmall Bathroom Designs – You will find that majority of the modern homes have a limited bathroom space. Homeowners in such a scenario usually accommodate within that limited space, as they do not have any other option. Thus, it is a fact that the small bathroom designs, which make the best use of the space that is available, are now most in demand by the homeowners.

The following guidelines on small bathroom designs are conveniently applicable in case you are designing a bathroom for your new apartment or renovating your old bathroom.

– The small bathrooms look best with the small and deep bathtubs.

– The wall-mounted or pedestal sinks, basins and the small sized baths are simply made for each other, as they hardly occupy much floor space.

– In case, you prefer a shower stall, it is best to use clear shower screens for the enclosure. The best part of this is you will be able to save enough space and make way for enough light, which is unlike the framed opaque shower walls.

– You can have recessed and floating cabinets in your bathroom; this should make ample space.

– The small bathroom designs usually come with enough storage space for you to be able to stash away lots of clutter. Therefore, ensure that your bathroom has enough storage shelves and cabinets.

– Place the windows near the ceiling; this way, there will be enough wall space for you to include some storage cabinets beneath it.

– You would be clever enough to position the toilet in an alcove, by making use of the wall-space above for fix opening the shelves.

– When it comes to doors, most of the people are going for the sliding doors, which can be easily slid into the in-wall cavities. If you are opting for the hinged door, you can get the towel-rack installed on the door itself.

The homeowners need to abide by certain design – as well as dimension-parameters when planning the small bathroom designs, which depend on the area/zone. You can also try out a few optical illusion tricks for creating a space illusion.

Making use of light and mirrors

When you want the space inside your bathroom to look large, you can take the help of lights and mirrors. Try to make use of natural lights, which would surely make your bathroom look more bright and large, generating a sense of comfy. You can also try adding skylights and windows. This is indeed a great idea. However, when thinking to make use of electric lighting, you can arrange for the source of the light just below where the shelves have been installed.

When you place a mirror inside the bathroom, it helps in proper distribution of light and this seems to extend the overall dimension of the space. Such a strategy makes your small bathroom look effectively illuminated and it gives way to visual expansiveness.

Make use of tricky designs

Introduce vertical lines on the upper edges of the walls of your bathroom. This helps in creating height illusion. You can also have tiles installed on the walls of your bathroom and edge the top lining with designed border tiles to make things look more magical and impressive.

This is the way you should make use of the floor area of your bathroom and the type of tiles you choose to use for your bathroom should well compliment all sorts of small bathroom designs. No matter what you are going for – floor tiles or wall tiles they should be having identical shapes and light colored shades.

Making use of color to create illusions

Color is the best way of creating space illusions. Choose softer, lighter tones like pastel shades, neutrals or whites – these colors are sure to make your bathroom look as if having enough space and dimension. &nbspSuch colors also help in proper light distribution. Again, if you are planning to cover the walls of your bathroom with wallpapers then make sure to select plain and simple designs.

This article is all about Small Bathroom Designs Simplified