Convertible and multi-purpose pieces of furniture began to be more and more popular. That’s because they are great for small spaces, helping users to enjoy all their functions without having to give up anything. Moreover, these pieces are also great for all types of spaces because they bring new designs to the table and represent eye-catching additions in any home.

Designer Sam Hecht came up with the idea of creating the Table Bench Chair series. The idea came to him during a trip through the Tokyo subway. This is the perfect example that inspiration can strike anywhere. After having this revelation, the designer tried to come up with a design that would allow him to combine several individual seating spaces along a communal structure.

And so the Table Bench Chair series was born. As the name suggests, this is a universal and multi-purpose piece that can be used as a table, a bench or a chair. All these actions can be performed at the same time without affecting the structure of the piece. Combining several sitting opportunities and functional into one single product is not easy but the final product is very impressive when all the boring work is done. This piece is made from a beech frame with oak seating. The design is as simple as possible, the accent falling on its functionality.Available for $2740.

This article is all about Table Bench Chair by Sam Hecht