Beautiful and Strikin Lilypad House by Jorge Hrdina Architects

In Sydney, Australia you can find lots of interesting houses. However, few of them are as beautiful and striking as the Lilypad House. It was designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects and it’s a very lovely residence. It’s not very big but it’s warm and cozy and, moreover, it has a very distinguished design.The Lilypad House

Modern Villa in Mexico: Ponce House by Coutiño & Ponce Architects

Ponce House was designed by Coutiño & Ponce Architects and is located in  La Palma, a small town in Tabasco state, Mexico. Here is the official project description we were sent: “Ponce House is located in a plot of approximately 7.41 acres and it is part of a group of buildings that make up “Quinta Mamá

Functionally divided house in Tokyo by Upsetters Architects

This striking contemporary building was designed and built by Upsetters Architects and it’s located in Tokyo, Japan. The house was completed in 2011 and it sits on a 96.69 sq m plot. It was designed as a single family home for a couple and their daughter. Since a family needs to be flexible, so does

Brazilian Modern Architecture by Procter-Rihl Architects

This modern new structure doesn’t seem to be part of the surrounding landscape. That’s because it wasn’t supposed to be. It was conceived as a SLICE built on an urban residue leftover after the opening of a new road on the west side of the site, hence the name of the house. Thanks to the