Colorful and Appealing Student Library in Melbourne by dKO Architecture

As part of the Australian Federal Government’s Building Education Revolution, dKO Architecture was commissioned to design the student library and associated facilities at St Joseph’s Primary School in Collingwood, Melbourne. Here is the official project description we received: “Today’s libraries are repositories and access points for vast quantities of print, audio and visual materials in

Mill Valley Hillside by McGlashan Architecture

This 3-level structure that you see here is located in Mill Valley, a city in Marin County. It was envisaged as a residence where three generations could live together and where each one would have its own space. It’s a way of keeping relatives together without actually having them in your own home but still

Multi-Residential Suburban Home: The Avenue by Neil Architecture

Designed as a multi-residential building, the Avenue showcases a splendid solution to constructing a home that does not fit the usual typology of a suburban residence displaying a garage at the entrance. : “As a rejection of this prevailing model the project sought to sensitively provide a high quality infill development as a modest and

Contemporary Residence With Ingenious Architecture Details: 4×30 House

The 4×30 House was designed by CR2 Arquitetos and FGMF Architects and is located  in São Paulo, Brazil. According to the information from the official project description, “the story began more as a challenge rather than as an architectural project. How make the entire program of a house fit in that 4x30m lot, relying on a

Brazilian Modern Architecture by Procter-Rihl Architects

This modern new structure doesn’t seem to be part of the surrounding landscape. That’s because it wasn’t supposed to be. It was conceived as a SLICE built on an urban residue leftover after the opening of a new road on the west side of the site, hence the name of the house. Thanks to the

Original Modern Residence in Austria: Villa P by Love Home Architecture

Villa P is an original project developed by Austrian studio Love Architecture. The residence has a total surface of 2,152 square feet and features two floors. The construction was settled on a relatively steep slope and the result is a home with unique design details. Villa P is located in a privileged landscape and has