bathroom design

Bathroom Sets to Bring Your Signature to the bathroom Style and Decoration

Designing your home interior is one of the exciting moments where you can play with your creativity to produce a signature theme of your home decoration. You may use an interior designer service, however, the very best is that you collaborate both of your ideas so that you can have a signature of yours in

Red and White Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are not the most important rooms in the house, but it is very important to have a nice bathroom, so as to feel fine when you are there. But, even if you are not home too long and do not spend too much time in the bathroom, you certainly want a nice and modern

Contemporary retreat located on the Australian coastline

Located in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia this modern structure was completed in 2009. It was designed and built by Andrew Simpson Architects in collaboration with builder MM Heam and structural engineer TGM Engineers and Surveyors. The team working at this project was quite numerous, composed of Andrew Simpson, Owen West, Steve Hatzellis and Foong Chern

5 bathroom décor ideas

The bathroom sometimes tends to be a little neglected when decorating an apartment or house. It’s as important as any other room of the house so you should treat it correspondently. Here are some ideas that could help.1. The baroque bathroomA bathroom decorated in a baroque style is definitely the most spectacular. The drama can

The hobbit house – built in four month with only a chisel and a hammer

When you look at this fantastic hobbit house, as it is called by the neighbors, you probably think that it took a long and elaborate process to build it and a team of architects. You’re probably going to be impressed to find out that the house was actually built by the owners themselves, actually by

Stylish and Inpiring: Barra Funda II Apartment by Kwartet Arquitetura

We recently received a lovely project called Barra Funda II Apartment from Kwartet Arquitetura, which we believe you will find quite inspiring. Here is the press release we were sent: “Located in a residential neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, this apartment belongs to a young couple with small children. Since not many changes were made to

Searching the Finest Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Service

After a while, we might think that our bathroom has already looked too old. It’s about time for us to remodel it surely. Considering that we got no experiences on remodeling bathroom ideas, we surely should ask the professional remodeling contractors that would be ready for us. Those bathroom remodeling contractor services would be able

Small Bathroom Ideas Is Easier Than You Think

Small Bathroom Ideas – Remodeling a small bath has several challenges. Finding good small bathroom ideas, however, is much easier than many homeowners think. Whether the makeover involves a master bath, a powder room or any other smaller area, it is possible to find great ideas to make the space optimally functional and attractive. Challenges

Basement Bathroom Designs

Basement Bathroom Designs – The basement bathroom is the think tank of any home but yet it suffers from the artistic appeal that other rooms are blessed with. The bathroom is the final frontier that needs that personal touch and love. This room is neglected and it takes a major beating from daily wear, it

Country Bathroom Designs

Country Bathroom Designs – A lovely country bathroom designs would have to have a central focal point of interest, an expensive footed bath tub. There are many styles that are associated with country bathroom designs, but the old fashioned footed tub has to be an association easily made in the minds of many who have