Very Velvet Blofeld Platinum Chair

Just a few days ago I’ve come across something similar to this particular chair and I was immediately drawn by its silhouette and very uncommon design. I was very curious about this design and didn’t quite understand why the chair had such a high back. I’ve done some research and I’m glad to share it

Vintage-chic campaign dining chair

These days we’re bombarded with all sorts of colorful and eye-catching products meant to attract us with their exterior aspect. It makes it so much difficult to make a choice. But sometimes it’s refreshing just to go to the simple and plain designs that offer quality and comfort and to forget about the invading multitude

The Phantom swivel chair

This dramatic-looking chair is the perfect way to spice up the décor. It has an unusual design and a matching name. The Phantom chair has a very beautiful silhouette and an overall design that allows it to be integrated in a multitude of different decors. It’s probably called the Phantom because of its dramatic design.