Unique Porch House Design in Vanderpool

This lovely house was completed in 2010 but it doesn’t look like the typical contemporary buildings. It’s modest and it’s rather traditional. That’s because the owners didn’t want an impressive house but one that they could call home and where they would feel comfortable. The house is located in Vanderpool, Texas, USA and it sits

The impressive Lullingstone Castle

The Lullingstone Castle is owned by the Hart Dyke family and it has been receiving a lot of attention in the last decade, being the subject of several documentaries and in the press as well. Queen Anne used to be a frequent visitor at this castle and also the reason why several alterations have been

Remodeled 12th century oil mill by Ricardo Elizondo

Believe it or not, what you see here is a 12th century oil mill that has been rehabilitated. It was originally designed by architect Ricardo Elizondo and it had an austere interior design. The mill had stone and brick walls and beautiful arches that have been preserved. There’s a central courtyard with iron carpentry that

Mysterious Paulita House in Argentina

The daily routine, the nosy traffic and the exhausting job can ruin your good mood. Usually a hard day is defined by your big amount of work, the difficult way to get home and the stressful atmosphere that you may find it here. Now you can declare yourself a tired and bad mood person who

Box-shaped house by Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

This box-shaped house is located in Klausdorf, Germany. It was designed and built by Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten and it was completed in 2008. The house sits on a 151 sq m plot and it’s surrounded by nature from every angle. It was created as a prototype for a serial holiday and residential house and it’s

Erin Fetherston‘s New York loft

Today we’re going to take a peak at this beautiful loft located in New York. It belongs to designer(and former Fashion Funder Erin Fetherston. She decided to move to New York in 2007, after spending five years in Paris. She grew up in the Bay Area of California but at one point she wanted something