US Naval Ship Light

When you are a child and start reading books, your imagination goes wild and you imagine traveling the seas on board a ship or even a submarine, next to captain Nemo or Ahab. That is because the sea has always fascinated man and we have always dreamed of conquering it. So you will be glad

LIM Task Light

I chose this lamp to show you today because of its very interesting and unusual shape. It has an L shaped contour and a very strong base that is secured to your desk with a powerful magnet. That makes it unique and particular, giving your desk a special look, a special design. It is an

Garland Shade Light

The Dutch designer Tord Boontje proved a lot of inspiration when he made this amazing Garland Shade Light. It is spectacular and impressive and it will certainly make an impression on everyone at first sight. The item is very delicate and seems to come from a different century, but this is exactly what makes it so

Light Shelf Tower

I discovered this original lamp and it drew my attention because it combines the features of a shelf and a lamp at the same time. It looks like a tall tower with metal frame and two thick glass shelves where you can store different things like books or other decorations. The upper part is the

Function of the Light before Using certain Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

A living room needs a bright lighting since it is part of the house that often be used as a gathering place. It is of course different with master bedroom, a place where the master of a house spends the last hours in a day. The master bedroom lighting ideas has some function that should