Sustainable Home With Lovely Design Features Near Seattle

Ellis Residence was designed by Coates Design and is a 2,560 square foot contemporary home located in Bainbridge Island, a city in Washington state, USA. According to the architects, “the owners’ goal was two-fold: they wanted to prove that sustainability can be achieved without compromising a modern aesthetic design and they wanted to motivate others

Lovely Bubble Chandelier from Pelle

These days I was in the park with my baby girl and I saw some kids who were making some funny bubbles. Every person was fascinated by those lovely transparent bubbles and turned their head when they saw one. Kids were extremely joyful and those little kids were running after them while they were disappearing

El Carligto- Lovely Spanish Country House

Unfortunately this summer season was not too relaxant and with many destinations. The birth of our daughter changed all our summer plans. The fact that we could not escape somewhere to relax and recharge our batteries is seen through our exhaustion. The moment you cannot go somewhere and forget about your worries creates you an